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  Well, I was thinking about to write in Korean but in a way, I got bashful and decided to write in English.

Well, it is already 300th day ever since we've first met.

We could say that it was a long or short period of time but a lot of things had happened during those days.,

The days that we had arguments, the days that we cried, smiled, laughed together or even the days that we whispered our love.... all of those days are now very precious and happy memories.  Thank you, dear~!

The only one who is sharing all of these beautiful memories is you and I want to thank to the world for that.

To me, who always looked at the world with crooked eyes bu saying that this world is not fair and couldn't smile at all, you are the one who made me to smile every day and could endure no matter how hard things had approached by thinking of the person I am in love with and for all of these, I want to thank you again.

I've thought about to prepare a supprising event and also thought about the expensive gift too but on this memorial days of us only, I thought it would be nice to be together and I've purchased a pair of couples T shirts.  I remembered that you've once said that you want to wear and I've bought them.  I wish you would  like it.

Well, I would like to thank you for your deep understanding and concern about me even when I couldn't copntact you frequently enough by providing poor excuse of studying.

I promise you that I will do better the next time.


from.  Jiyong

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